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Horse Nation Article: Why I Ride An OTTB

Did I mention that I ride horses? I do. I’ve actually been re-training my first retired racehorse, otherwise known in the horse world as an off the track Thoroughbred or OTTB for short. In this article published on, one of the largest equine-centric media outlets in existence, I discussed some of the reasons that …

Long Beach Island Engagement Photos

Engagement photos should be a fun, stress-free sort of thing. After all, wedding planning is difficult enough as it is! A few years ago I took a trip to Long Beach Island to snap some of our latest pics of then-soon-to-be newlyweds Nicole and Jacob! Congrats, you two crazy kids!

Introducing: Diary of an OTTB

I’ve taken the proverbial plunge into the blogosphere… Introducing my personal blog, Diary of an OTTB. On I’ll be discussing my latest horse-related adventures as well as bits of history about horse racing, the development of the Thoroughbred as a breed, and training techniques for new OTTB owners. Check out more on

Getting Your Business Started with Social Media

Change of subject folks! Since we tend to talk a lot about photography techniques and our latest projects and events, we decided to shift gears and focus on something a little more supplemental to the whole marketing process — SOCIAL MEDIA!   So how can you focus on getting your business started with social media? …