Podcast: History & The Horse

One Day We Decided to Record a Podcast About History & Horses

History and the Horse was an idea that came about one evening on the living room couch as we chatted about the incredibly unique role of the horse as it relates to human history. Fact is, we humans wouldn’t be where we are without the horse.

We have a running joke around our house that if you give me a word, we can connect it back to the horse. An automobile? We still measure power in horsepower. A couch? Horses were used to collect and harvest every kind of organic material under the sun – wood, textiles, transportation of goods. At some point, a horse was probably involved.

Human history owes much of its progress to the horse. Thus the phrase, “The history of mankind was written on the back of a horse.”

Meghan co-hosts the show with her wife, Lisa.