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Granny’s Grill

Granny’s Grill is a small restaurant located in the heart of Cream Ridge, NJ. As everything in the restaurant is made from scratch, it seemed only fitting that I did the same for them with their logo, website, and social media networks. What I Did for Granny’s Grill: Logo creation Website Design: Social Media …

I Hate My Website

When developing a cheeky logo became difficult, I turned the conversation in a different direction. What rises from the ashes? A phoenix. And so the I Hate My Website logo took shape. What I Did for I Hate My Website: Logo Creation Web Build:

Free Spirit Farm

Did you know, I ride horses? I actually have a retired racehorse that I’m retraining. Free Spirit Farm is a local training and horse boarding operation and they recently went through a bit of a makeover. What I Did For Free Spirit Farm: Logo Creation Web Design Social Media Consulting

McIntyre Maple Co.

McIntyre Maple Co. is near and dear to my heart because, well, it’s the family business. One could say I’m the heir to an emerging maple syrup conglomerate but my parents maple syrup operation uses produces a couple hundred gallons of liquid gold every spring. To help them commemorate their hard work and spread the …